Metal Finishing Mexico


Bowman México provides you with full service and support for thier XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) measurement systems and equipment.  Bowman México can also provide service, parts, repairs for all of the other main XRF brands and models.  Bowman XRF systems are distinguished by providing significant functionality with 3 applications (thickness measurement, elemental analysis, and coating solution analysis) and are guaranteed IPC 4552 REV.A.


As an authority on industrial power solutions, American Plating Power (APP) has more than a decade of global knowledge and experience developing the evolved field of energy supplies for the industry.  Specializing in DC Power Supplies and Rectifiers used in electroplating and anodizing processes, and other insubstantial applications.  MFM offers local sales, service, spare parts, and calibration service work for all of Mexico.


Founded in 1979, KCH Services Inc. quickly rose to the top, becoming an industry leader in design, manufacture, and installation of corrosion resistant ventilation systems. Ken Hankinson, Founder of KCH Services Inc., felt compelled to improve the practices and equipment for the plating and surface industry, After more than 35 years of business, KCH continues to set the industry standards as a pioneer in ventilation systems.

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