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    Used Equipment

    Robot Wittmann model W743 with Telescopic Vertical Arm


    Robot Wittman model W743 with Telescopic Vertical Arm

    Brand: Wittmann
    Model: W743
    Serial No.: 7P00000218
    Manufactured year: 2007
    Control: CNC6.2-7566
    Price: $18,000.00 USD
    FOB: Puebla, Mexico

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    Wittman Software and Teach Box included
    Wittmann Robots is the marked leader achieved through innovation, reliability and performance. Development of the 7-series robots is based on the experience of thousands of robots supplied to the plastic industry worldwide.

    High Performance, High Speed Operation

    This robot is equipped as standard with Witmman´s patented telescopic vertical arm. The main vertical arm is driven via rack and pinion. A belt drives the front arm at double speed.
    • Minimum overall height of the robot
    • Double speed of the End-Of-Arm Tooling and short in/out times
    • Long vertical strokes for palletizing

    Model W743 is larger, massive main and double walled kick stroke extrusion allow handling weights up to 35 kg (77 lbs) and vertical strokes up to 2.600 mm (102”) For palletizing on pallets located on the shop floor.

    Horizontal stroke

    Z-axis max. mm (inches)



    Vertical stroke

    Y-axis max. mm (inches)



    Telescopic axis

    Kick stroke

    X-axis max. mm (inches)



    Kick stroke

    Reach max. mm (inches)



    Handling load

    Parts-gripper max. kg (lbs)



    Injection molding

    Machine campling for t

    500 – 1.200


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