Used Equipment

    Used Equipment

    Complete Automatic Powder Line with 5 stage washer


    Complete system with a 2’W x 8’H Opening and the system travels at 10FPM.

    Takes a part length of 8’L Maximum. This includes a 5 Stage Stainless Steel Washer, Dry Off and Cure Oven with IR Boost, and a Nordson CK Powder Booth with 16 Automatic Guns and 2 Manuals.

    Also 870’L of Enclosed Track Conveyor

    This equipment is disassembled and ready to ship


    SECTION 1- 5 Stage Stainless Steel Pretreatment Washer

    Openings: 2’ W x 7’-6”H (6’-1 1/8”W x 9’-9”H x 95”-7”L)

    Designed at 10FPM

    The System was manufactured in 2000. The Opening is 2’Wide x 7’-6”High and can be modified any way you’d like. The Washer material is Stainless Steel. The line speed is designed at 10FPM for a 8’L Part. The Current process of the washer is as follows:

    Stage 1:

    60 Second Cleaner

    Heated stage with 1 Pump

    Stage 2:

    30 Second Ambient Rinse

    1 Pump

    Stage 3:

    60 Second Phosphate

    Heated Stage with 1 Pump

    Stage 4:

    30 Second Ambient Rinse

    1 Pump

    Stage 5:

    60 Second Non Chrome Seal

    Heated Stage with 1 Pump

    Section 2 Dry Off/Cure Oven

    Combination Dry Off and Cure Oven

    6 Mil BTU Burner Box

    6” Insulated Oven Panels

    **The Cure Oven and Conveyor inside will be extended to fit the 10’L Part.

    5.3 Minute Dry Off Oven  (1 Turn)

    20 Minute Cure Oven (6 Turns)

    Section 3- Nordson Automatic CK Powder Booth

    MiniCyclones for Reclaim and Quick Color Change

    16 Automatic Versa Spray II Guns and Controllers

    2 Manual Versa Spray II Powder Guns and Controllers

    Powder Booth was uninstalled in good working condition.

    Section 4- Conveyor

    Rapid Engineering 3” Enclosed Track

    8” Trolley Centers

    870’ Conveyor Length

    870’ Chain

    Conveyor Support

    2 Takeups

    2 Drive Units

    1 Oiler Unit


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