Used Equipment

    Used Equipment

    7 Stage Powder Coating System (Reynosa)

    Norte de México

    Part Size Opening  (2´W X8´H or 0.61m X 2.44m)

    Variable Speed Overhead Conveyor System

    Designed for 10 FPM
    Multiple Drive Motors
    1500’ Plus Conveyor Length
    Turn Wheels

    7 Stage Stainless Spray Wash System 
    7 Stage Stainless Steel Tanks with Weirs
    2 Tanks W/Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers
    Polypropylene Upper W/Stainless Joints
    CPVC Risers W/Quick Release Nozzles & Drain Caps

    Steam System (Heat Tanks)
    Boiler #1 Cleavor Brooks 250 HP
    Boiler #2 Cleavor Brooks 150 HP
    Stainless Steel Heat Exchange Plates

    Dry Off Oven
    Maxon 4.7 MBH Burner
    Recirculating Blower 15 HP
    FIRYE Flame-Safe Guard Control

    Cure Oven
    Maxon 6 MBH Burner
    Recirculating Blower 30 HP
    FIRYE Flame-Safe Guard Control

    Paint Application
    Fully Automatic Booth
    Reciprocating Arms
    Individual Gun Control
    Motorized Gear Drive For Offline / Online Position
    Key Switch Forward/Reverse
    Smooth Electric Operation
    Gear Drive
    Quick Exchange of Booths for Rapid Color Changes Manual Booth up to 6 Guns
    Stainless Steel Powder Booths
    Mini-Cyclone Powder Recovery System
    UV Fire Detection System
    Electrostatic Automatic And Manual Guns
    Equipment Manuals English & Spanish

    Water Treatment System
    Air Diaphragm Pumps Cast Iron
    Sand Filter
    1/2 H.P. Gear Drive Mixers 230/460v, 3 Ph 60 Hz
    Steel Mezzanine (Heavy Duty)
    LANCO Model 40 GPM Clarifier Mixer
    Polymer Feed System
    LANCO Model #2-.5/2m Filter Press

    Additional Support Equipment
    (2) Central Vacuum for Paint System

    Phospro Clean and Coat Equipment
    (2) Clean
    Industrial Quality Metals Cleaning and Pretreatment
    Stationary Spray Wand System

    Steelman Burn Off Oven

    Gas Tank
    12,00 Water Gallons
    82.5" Diameter By 561" Long
    Master Tank Welding – Dallas, TX
    Design Pressure 250
    DOT Specification MC-331

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