Used Equipment

    Used Equipment

    Aluminum Chromate Conversion Line
    North Carolina, US

    Like NEW Aluminum Chromate (Cr+3) Process System:

    7 ea. 1”thk PP tanks (24”DOT x 48”CDOT x 42”D)

    *no drains, weirs or overflows.

    7 ea. Process Technology DLC Combo Controllers (3ph/220V/60 amp) w/ P2 resettable thermal fuse relay, level control circuit & 24/7 timer)

    7 ea. Process Technology OTS L-shaped triple-tube 18kw heaters. SS and Titanium

    2 ea. PP containment pans (3 ea. Tanks and 4 ea. Tanks respectively)

    A few flo king filter pumps and mist eliminator floating balls if interested. Conduit & wiring included.

    Process equipment easily convertible to most any process (EN, Passivate, Phosphate, Anodize, Pilot Line, etc.)

    Floor Layout: ~6ft. x 18ft.


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