Used Equipment

    Used Equipment

    24 Station Barrel Line
    United States

    Equipment Description:
    24 Station Barrel Line
    Size: 18" x 36"
    Type: Barrel
    Style: Manual Barrel
    Stations: 24
    Overall Size: 65"L x 76"W x 50"H 
    Plating Stations: 0

    Load/unload station.Fifteen 18" x 36" Poly barrels.Three 64"L x 56"W x 29"H 2-station tanks.One 82"L x 56"W x 31"H 2-station tanks. Two 114"L x 56"W x 30"H 3-station tanks.Eight 27"L x 56"W x 30"H single-station tanks. Three have counterflow.

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