Used Equipment

    Used Equipment

    Set of 4 Half-Ton Overhead Rail Hoists for rack plating line, including controls

    Mexico City

    Set of four (4) GEOCO Overhead Rail Hoists with 1000 lbs capacity each, originally built in 1990 for a rack plating line.  These hoists are still working in daily operation as of the day of this listing but are scheduled for removal by the end of July 2019. 

    The GEOCO hoists were built to run on a line with the following tank dimensions: I.D.:  136 x 28 x 72”.   Rack size currently carried by these hoists are 3.4 meters CDOT, and from the bottom of the I-Beam to tank Rim is 10'-11 1/2" or 334.00 cm.  The overhead rails that these hoists were built for (Center of Beam to Center of Beam - CDOT) is 120 " or 304.80 cm. 

    Host motors are Reuland Crane varispeed motors and gear reducers, with ramping of speeds, smooth start, travel and slow down capabilities run on 220/60Hz 3 phase power.   The AC varispeed system insures smooth speed changes and minimum rack sway.  All controls are 110V Single phase.  Each hoist has its own joystick for manual movements, as shown in the pictures.

    These hoists come with an OPTO controller 22 (like new) automation package including 2 cabinets (see photo) Ethernet I/O Brain, Frequency inverters, etc.  The control package was updated in 2012 with the Opto 22 SNAP PAC-R1 controller as well as other components.

    Our pricing includes these hoists loaded on your trailer but does not consider any special crates or packaging.


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