EPTEX ovens are manufactured in the US to the highest of standards from quality materials and components and are always designed to heat your products efficiently and properly.  Each oven is completely assembled, wired and factory tested prior to shipment to ensure the highest quality and a lifetime of reliable service. 

Standard sizes range from small batch and walk-in units to large industrial ovens. See below for specifications and pricing of the most common oven sizes and configurations. 

These ovens can be shipped within weeks and are simple to install.  We also offer custom designs and can modify any of our ovens to meet your company’s unique requirements. If you have questions about our ovens or need a custom oven for your specific application, please contact your MFM representative today!

Rolling Oven RackROLLING OVEN RACK $600

Oven RackOVEN RACK (for 4x4x6 or 5x5x7 oven) $500

5x5x7 Gas Powder Coating Oven5x5x7 GAS POWDER COATING OVEN $13,500

6x6x12 Gas Powder Coating Oven6x6x12 GAS POWDER COATING OVEN $15,500

8x8x16 Gas Powder Coating Oven8x8x16 GAS POWDER COATING OVEN $25,634

8x8x20 Gas Powder Coating Oven8x8x20 GAS POWDER COATING OVEN $27,071

8x8x22.5 Gas Powder Coating Oven8x8x22.5 GAS POWDER COATING OVEN $27,789

8x8x25 Gas Powder Coating Oven8x8x25 GAS POWDER COATING OVEN $30,607

8x8x30 Gas Powder Coating Oven8x8x30 GAS POWDER COATING OVEN $31,980

10x10x15 Gas Powder Coating Oven10x10x15 GAS POWDER COATING OVEN $29,833

10x10x20 Gas Powder Coating Oven10x10x20 GAS POWDER COATING OVEN $33,646

10x10x25 Gas Powder Coating Oven10x10x25 GAS POWDER COATING OVEN $36,077

10x10x30 Gas Powder Coating Oven10x10x30 GAS POWDER COATING OVEN $38,839

10x10x35 Gas Powder Coating Oven10x10x35 GAS POWDER COATING OVEN $41,933

10x10x40 Gas Powder Coating Oven10x10x40 GAS POWDER COATING OVEN $55,083



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