Eco-Tec Inc.


Eco-Tec Inc., systems incorporate advanced, proprietary designs that provide resource-recovery and purification solutions to industries around the world. They design, develop, and build equipment for industrial water treatment and purification of chemicals and gases, celebrating over 40 years of manufacturing excellence.

Their products provide clients with improved performance, economy, and reliability in their operations, while facilitating environmentally responsible approaches to using natural resources.

Industries and businesses they serve include:

Aluminum Finishing

The majority of aluminum finishing is based on simple inorganic chemical operations. These chemical operations produce wastes which are normally treated with relatively simple pH neutralization and solid separation processes. Ion exchange/sorption, evaporation, crystallization and membrane processes offered by Eco-tec are the main systems employed for purification, recovery and recycle of chemicals in the aluminum industry.


In the electroplating industry, enormous amounts of valuable plating chemicals are lost as drag-out from the plating baths when the plated material is removed and washed in the following water rinse tank. Conventional waste treatment of this effluent would result in several hundred tons of hazardous sludge and disposal problems. With Eco-Tec recovery/ recycle technology, the user would not only gain the benefits of minimized or eliminated waste discharge, but would dramatically reduce purchases of planting chemicals as well.

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