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The surface finishing industry is driven to provide superior plated components, therefore requiring high quality anodes.  De Nora DSA® anodes tailor precious metal coatings on to Grade 1 titanium substrates.  This ensures durable, reliable, and high performance operation.

DNT is committed to meeting customers’ production needs and requirements.  This is accomplished by:

  • encompassing anode plating performance
  • displaying predictable lifetime
  • achieving timely delivery
  • providing competitive pricing.

De Nora DSA® anodes for High Quality Surface Finishing Electrolytic Plating Processes

De Nora strives to provide the highest quality products available on the market. DNT fabricates a wide variety of custom anode geometries to meet the diverse and demanding performance expectations of plating industry customers.

De Nora DSA® anodes also provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to soluble/lead alloy anodes.

De Nora Tech product offerings include:

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