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Air Pollution Control Systems

Crossair, LLC is a leading provider of corrosion resistant ventilation systems and air pollution control equipment throughout North America.

Our expertise in all aspects of clean air management has made us a leading provider for corrosion resistant exhaust systems throughout North America.

We are dedicated to assisting our clients in the automotive and aerospace industries maintain EPA and OSHA requirements in the most cost-effective way possible.

Whether you need to expand or upgrade an existing system or design a new system, Crossair can manage all the details from engineering to the installation of the air pollution control equipment you need. We use the latest technology and build systems that operate smoothly, efficiently, and productively. You’ll reap long-term economic benefits from reliable system performance. If the circumstances of your environment are uncommon, we can customize any of our products or services to meet your special requirements.


Crossair can supply you with standard hood and ductwork configurations or design special configurations according to your individual specifications. Hoods are built of PVC, Polypropylene, or FRP materials. A combination of thermoplastic liner with a strong FRP exterior overlay is an excellent design, providing the corrosion resistance of the PVC and the structural integrity of fiberglass.

Standard Hood Configurations

  • Canopy
  • Non-canopy
  • Compensating
  • Recirculating
  • Exhaust


Crossair provides the most advanced chromium and/or acid mist eliminators available in the industry today, utilizing the latest composite mesh pad technology to meet the strictest standards, including the California standard, the EPA new source MACT standard, and state-level air quality management district (AQMD) standards.

Our multi-stage unit, of properly selected and sequenced mesh pads, is engineered to remove specific particle sizes. Our systems drain chromium for recovery back to the plating tank and the mesh pads are sealed inside the vessel to prevent bypass. The system can also run dry with an automatic spray wash down. This keeps the mesh pads clean while returning the chromium rinse back to the plating tank to compensate for evaporation loss. No effluent goes to waste treatment.


Crossair scrubbers are constructed according to the highest quality standards in the industry with maximum corrosion resistance under the most severe duty conditions. Properly engineered and designed fume scrubbing systems serve you in many ways. They prevent environmental releases, ensure regulatory compliance, and preserve the health and safety of your employees.


Crossair custom built fume scrubbers can be fabricated from solid PVC, solid fiberglass, filament wound, CPVC, or Polypropylene. We design and provide high efficiency, low maintenance scrubbers to remove water soluble contaminants by means of gas absorption or mechanical impingement. We construct horizontal (crossflow) or vertical (countercurrent) designs, depending on space limitations or layout preference. You can customize your scrubber design with specific parameters, such as cross-section, packing type and depth, recirculation rate, efficiency requirements, and spray pattern reinforcing, based on your exact conditions. Scrubbers are installed to remove or neutralize the harmful substances emitted from combustion, or in this case, the storage of chemicals. You have the option of deploying either dry or wet method scrubbers. Dry scrubbers remove acid gases, primarily from combustion sources in a process that introduces an acid gas sorbent material into the gas stream and a particulate matter control device. Wet scrubbers target compounds with a scrubbing solution, like water or a reagent to address specific chemicals. 

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