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One Plate

A One Component Electroless Nickel Plating Process

One-Plate® is a breakthrough innovation in Electroless Nickel (EN) plating with unprecedented ease of use and is now available throughout Mexico from Metal Finishing Mexico, and Metal Finishing, LLC. The One-Plate® technology is a single component RoHS & ELV compliant plating solution that is used for both make up and replenishments of your Electroless Nickel baths. This new revolutionary technology operates and performs exactly the same as traditional EN systems and is available in High-Phos, Mid-Phos, and Low-Phos formulations.

The One-Plate® solution includes Nickel, NaH2PO4, all of the complexers and stabilizers, and other components that all coexist with maximum stability. Unlike traditional EN processes, the One-Plate® bath performance is completely independent of the concentration of the components in the bath, meaning you will never again accidently over or under add the traditional A/B components and always maintain a stable and balanced solution.  Having the ability to eliminate the potential for human or mechanical errors means no more wasted expensive EN solutions.  This product is a game changer! One-Plate® Technical Benefits Include

  • One drop in solution
  • Low drag out
  • Stable for long idle times
  • Uses the same pump, filters as traditional systems
  • Operates the same as traditional processes
  • Requires the same analysis as traditional processes
  • Requires the same disposal as traditional processes
  • Only one dosing pump necessary
  • Reduce or eliminate makeup additions mistakes
  • Less chance for contamination
  • Less containers, pumps, dosing systems
  • Greater consistency and productivity
  • One component means significant labor savings

One-Plate® Logistical Benefits Include

  • One component means One price
  • One simple Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
  • One Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  • One component to order
  • One component to ship
  • One component to inventory
  • No spare material or wasted floor space

STI Company Profile
Since 1973, Surface Technology, Inc. (STI) has been a world recognized innovative force in the metal finishing industry. As a result of the Company’s pioneering research and development, Surface Technology, Inc. has been granted over 100 U.S. and foreign patents, with more pending. This technology has been extended to customers around the world through the sale of products from the Company’s headquarters and production facilities in New Jersey. STI is well known and respected around the world as evidenced by the fact that they have licensed their technology through agreements to more than 50 well known chemical suppliers around the world.

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